As a member of the Southern African BioGas Industry Association we had the opportunity to attend the first national biogas conference hosted by the DoE and DBSA.

The audience was a wide variety of industry stakeholders. In attendance were project developers, scholars, professors and representatives from Eskom, DoE, NERSA and DBSA.

The purpose of the conference was to bring all stakeholders together and educate them on the need for efficient uptake of biogas in South Africa. Ennovation’s David Cilliers presented ‘BioGas Basics’ which gave the audience a basic understanding of the industry.

Once we had brought everyone onto the same page and showcased the many benefits, the presenters and discussion forums revolved around the challenges we are faced with South Africa when implementing a biogas project. As there are many.

If you wish to find out more about the conference follow the link below and you can download the minutes of each day as well as all the speakers’ presentations.

National BioGas Conference 2013

Alternatively, find below the link to download the BioGas Basics presentation.

BioGas Basics Presentation